Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the road again

7/31 Grangeville to Wild Goose CG (on Middle Fork Clearwater River)
Felt great to leave that town and it was a beautiful ride (as usual).  Cooled off in the river along the way and at the CG.   At the campground we met Wanda D. ( and her recumbent bike. She lived in Pueblo in 1976 and saw all the groups of riders going by. Her mom didn't think it would be a good idea for her to join them. She can barely walk but she is doing it now!

8/1 Wild Goose to Wilderness Gateway CG
Short day back. Hot, tired and cranky I pooped out at the historical ranger station.  Wanda caught up with us there and we shared a site!  this place had a great place to go swimming in the river too:)

All along the highways are informational signs telling about Lewis and Clark and the Nez Perce history. We are on their old stomping grounds.

8/2 Over Lolo Pass!!!
We had a nice overcast day for riding uphill:)  Had lunch at the Lochsha Lodge in Powell (Lewis and Clark Exp camped there) and then headed over the hill.  First glimpse and first time in Montana this day. Beautiful.

8/3 Missoula here we come
finally in a town with a bike store and a REI.  There are a lot of things happening in this town this weekend.  Testicle Tour, Antique Gun Show, etc.  So we were told by our cab driver.  Very hard to find a hotel.  the Days Inn was bareable but we moved to the Red Lion Inn these last two nights. 

8/4 Missoula - Open Road Bike Shop on Orange, Thank You!
Tom's bike is ready to rock:D


  1. Argh. Setbacks are so frustrating and stressful on the road. But something good always comes out of it. Glad you found the 4th dimension...

  2. Hello after all this time! (your contact info hid from me for a while)

    I'm the Wanda D. who met up with you in Idaho. I made it back home in fine shape, well, fine for me. I was so jealous of you two riding together, but you already know that.

    My husband was very thankful that you called him to let him know I was fine. Thank you.

    I did get to ride with him for three days at the end of the trip. Those, of course, were the most miserable days as far as weather went. Headwinds gusting up to 40 mph is no way to have fun. We did it, though.

    It was great meeting you. Glad to see you made it home, and are planning more adventures.


    1. Hey Wanda:) So glad you finished up your journey with you man:) that was some adventure huh? It was so nice to spend time with you and share touring stories. I hope you are doing well. Enjoying the luxuries of running water and electricity? Me too:) I especially like sleeping on a mattress:)