Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Start Section 4

8/5 Red Lion, Missoula-one more day of luxury

8/6 big day back 75 miles to Hannon Memorial Fishing Access(on right side of road past the bridge). When it's flat we can really make progress!

8/7 53 miles to Wisdom, MT
Long day, HOT and ALL uphill. Two passes then 27 miles of some of the most beautiful country I've seen so far. We are in Sacajawea's homeland. Saw prong horn and a fox!!! How cool is that?

Met Bill at rest stop. He did his first tour at age 14! He also went cross country twice w his friend Wigs. He had lots of good stories.

Wisdom has everything we needed.
Good night!


  1. Wow! covered some miles! It is pretty there, we hope to visit next year on our motorcycles, give Colorado a break. When you get to Dillon, if you go to the library, ask for Marie Habener and tell her I said hello! She works in circulation. We worked together at the Eugene library. Stay cool! evaporative cooling is awesome!

  2. Hi - Glad you found Wisdom:)
    Hope you get to rest before you take off again.
    So exciting that you're in Sacajawea's stomping ground.
    Love it when you can post. xox Mom

  3. Hey Allie and Tom-thanks for the terrific narrative and beautiful photos. Helps us feel connected and happy that you are not only OK but truly enjoying your journey. Keep up the good work! Sending lots of love your way-Ellen