Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fiber Spoke. Don't Leave Home Without It.

7/26 Riggins, ID to Grangeville, ID
7/27-7/30 Boring Grangeville

The ride out of Riggins was gorgeous. Old 95 was tough btw the switchbacks, heat and flat tire. Heaven otherwise know as Whitebird Summit Lodge. Welcomed us in. Iced tea and lots of water. Rolled into town w/ broken spoke. The bike store is out of business but we were directed to the blinds/tile store which the bike shops owner now owns. Via one of the employees there we set up a 7am rendevox with Chad the next morning. He did not show. So we weighed the pros and cons of riding on to Missoula or staying in Grangeville and getting a temporary spoke mailed to us. End of story we were stuck there for 4 days bc when you're in the middle of east jabib there is no such thing as next day delivery.

Camped in the Lion's Club Park (free) and showered at the city pool ($3) the first night. We stayed at the Super 8 which was decent the rest of the time.

Our Tool Kit (tire levers missing from pic)+2 Fiber Spokes

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