Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diggin' Riggins

7/20 rode to Richland 44.22mi
On the way into town the first thing we saw was one of the suggested camping spots.  Headed directly into the heart of the little town to get cold drinks.  As we were cooling off in the shade a local lady came up to us and said "You shouldn't do the pass midday in this heat.  You should go down to the community park next to the reservoir and hang out in the shade!"  That pretty much decided it for us.  It was around 100 degrees:)  Camping was nice, spent the afternoon watching the clouds, the water was free but tasted like sulphur.
7/21 to Brownlee Dam 42mi and a campground the Idaho Power Co runs - Woodland $10
Couldn't even write in my journal this night.  The ride there was cool.  The reservoir was lined with wild cherry trees and blackberry 'bushes'(?).  So freakin hot I thought I was going to start crying.  We were in the dessert and we were surrounded by brown hills and green water.

7/22 to Council via a pass 49m
Things started to turn green on the way out of the canyon and we got our first glimpse of an East bound rider!  We finally met up.  Her name is Marie, from Portland and we rode together for a ways.  She wanted to do something BIG since she was turning 50. We camped at the Council town park for free and it was a block from the store.  VERY convenient!! We even had ice that night.  No showers but there was a bathroom.. tried riding the bike trail instead of 95 but it was too gravelly for us to ride.  Tom cooked a great meal of meat sauce and pasta. YUM!

7/23 to Riggins 63m
The ride this day was BEAUTIFUL.  Rode a long ways down stunning canyons and saw lots of evergreen trees. Camped at the cg at the far end of town.  Nice owners and river side. The river has special powers.  It gave me an instant attitude adjustment when I jumped in it!  (From bad to good).  Town full of friendly folks.  Hope we see Thumbs walking around town tomorrow.  He is a Seed Saver and lives totally off the grid. Heard about some history of the place from Earl yesterday.  This use to be a mill town until that burned in the 80's.  Now it is service based.  If you want to go rafting come here.  The River Rock Cafe is the place to eat too.

7/24 rest, bike repair and the beach
7/25 Riggins:)!

No Cell Service for us here.


  1. I think the lady that sent you to the reservoir may have been a little guardian angel. Glad you had a beach day. You must be happy to be in Idaho. I have to go check out why they call it Devil's Canyon.
    Guessing you get up early to start back on the trail each day.
    You're a good we're thinking of getting bikes to peddle around here.
    xoxoxox Mom

  2. Love that part of Idaho. Hope you get to Stanley. Do you have your route posted somewhere? I'd love to track along with you. Hopefully the heat will let up, it seems to be everywhere. Mid-to-high 90's with occasional thunderstorms in the evening. Thanks for kepping us posted!

  3. Hello Ali & Tom. It sounds like you have an established routine and are enjoying each day. Hopefully things will be a bit easier once you exit Colorado. We all look forward to your updates here and the photos are excellent.

    Godbless you guys. Take it all in..Ali & Toms great adventure.


    Uncle George..