Monday, July 9, 2012

Week One on the Road

Astoria to Cannon Beach - 32 mi
Expensive campgrounds $35!  Beautiful backcountry roads, peaceful.  Until we got to Seaside.  People and more people.  Sensory overload.  Great Tsunami Dogs.

Day 2 - Cannon Beach to Bay City - 36 mi
Expensive food, no large food stores.  Some rain.  The coast is cool and beautiful.  Stayed at a small campground in Bay City (no showers) and met some GREAT ladies there too:)  Excellent cafe in town too.

Day 3 Bay City to Cape Lookout State Park - 12.4
State campgrounds are the best. $5/per person, showers too.  They gave the hiker/bikers the best part of the park.  Surrounded by really tall trees.  We are working well as a team.  Go Team Flynn!
Day 4 - Lookout to Rose Lodge (a town, not a lodge) - 48 miles
Stayed at Salmon Creek Evergreen RV park (it's on the left), showers.  $10 no holler.
We made it alive off 101.  Yay!  I loved being on the coast but certain parts of that road were not fun.

Day 5 - Rose Lodge to Rickreall - 43 miles
Polk County Fair Grounds $10, only ones there.  Great showers and covered picnic table area, no laundry but sprinklers! :)

Day 6  - Rickreall to Coburg - 61 miles
It was a push but the pizza in Coburg was well worth it.  Stayed at Eugene RV Park. $18.  Not much to speak of but they did have showers.

Day 7 - Coburg to Eugene - 8 miles - END OF SECTION 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laundry, food shopping

Day 8 - Rest day in Eugene
Bike maintenance, post office, library, relax

Day 9 Begin Sectin 2, maps 10 and 11 (heading east towards McKenzie Pass) 
Day 10 - map 12
Day 11 - map 13

Sisters here we come!

I am writing this really quickly and post the pics just as fast.  Please forgive the typos and anything else that doesn't make sense:)


  1. Hey there, Love the matching outfits! Please do that the whole trip it makes me so happy.
    I came across this quote about Golden Opportunities the other day and it made me think of you guys. Best of luck on your Journey.

    "As we race through existence chasing our dreams, we often shed our pure intentions and exchange them for the heavy burdens we carry. But now and then, we allow the energy of the Universe to flow through us without judgement and without ego. During such intense yet peaceful moments we are reminded of the potential that surrounds us."


  2. I worked at the Eugene library, moved to Portland just as the magnificent new building went up. Glad you got to go. Love the boat...

  3. glad to hear that things are going well!

  4. $10 dolla no holla!! You guys look great keep on peddling. Keep the updates coming, some of us with regular lives thrive on your excitement and successes! I really hope to meet you somewhere along the way, miss you guys so much.