Friday, July 6, 2012

First Flat Today

Just a quick check in from Dallas, OR! Finally ran into Starbucks, so we are recharging electronics and cooling off before we fix the flat on the trailer for the 2nd time today. Practice makes perfect they say! We are enjoying sharing. Our story with peeps along the way. Inspiring and brave are a couple of words we've heard. The woman at this Starbucks is excited for us. It's fun to share the excitement. She even made an announcement over the intercom "meet some cool people and I'll make your favorite drink. Loved seeing some of the towns we hit from or trip in 2009 like Pacific City. We are enjoying every minute. Haven't had to ride in the rain. Weather is beautiful. Oregon is beautiful. Lush. Took some good pics we'll post as soon as we can. Shout out to my dad and his new electronics. We love you and are so happy you are alright.

Details of daily mileage and towns camped in to follow. I am confident we will make it up the Rockies and see my cousin and his girl in CO:). Adios amigos.

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  1. Sounds beautiful! Sorry about the flat.
    Keeping track of all for you and will have it for you when you're finished. Enjoy your raviolis...mmm
    xox Mom

  2. John figured out your code for "at Starbucks" - time to check your blog! Have fun!

  3. So exciting! Your blog will be my summer reading...full steam ahead. Xxxooo

  4. Dear Ali...I hope Tom isn't slowing you down too much. Glad you are off to a good start. love you, Uncle George

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful I'm beginning to "get it".
    Hope your ride is downhill today. xox Mom