Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Days 10 to 17 On the Road

First of all....SHOUT OUT to Lizzy!  CONGRATS SISTER:)  We are so happy for you!!!

We decided to rest here in beautiful Baker City, OR!  Yes we are STILL in OR but we are not complaining:)  Staying at the Bridge Street Inn.  The owner is awesome, the price is right and we get to have breakfast there before we head out tomorrow morning around 6-6:30am.  We'd just like to be in another state.  I think we'll feel like we've made more progress that way;)  Time change in Idaho!

Day 10 (7/11) McKenzie Bride to Scott Lake - I'll keep this one short and sweet.  We rode uphill on switchbacks for about 20 miles and then camped (free) at a lake that was stunning but mosquito infested.  It was like they never tasted blood before.  We cooked and ate breakfast on the side of the road the next morning just to try to get away from them.  You find heaven at the top of every pass is what I have been noticing.

Day 11 (7/12) Scott Lake to Sisters - Ever hear of the Sister Quilt show?  We didn't get to stay for it but it is a huge event.  We camped at City Park for $15 and it has showers.  Met a couple of people touring too but not on the same route as us.  And met a guy who is like an expert at racing bikes.  He finished the Race Across America in like 8 days or something crazy like that.  He gave us some tips for our trip.  Iced tea and chocolate milk are now a daily thing when we are riding.

Day 12 (7/13) Sister to Ochoco Lake - Camped at Ochoco Lake State Park, $5/person.  The cleanest bathrooms/showers I have ever seen at a campground.  Met a dog that hunted ground squirels like a mountain lion.

Day 13 (7/14) Ochoco St. Pk. to Mitchell - Aahh Mitchell what a sweet little town.  Happened upon a Vintage Trailer Rally that included a BBQ! Camped in the town park for free.  No showers but water. Met our first TransAmerica traveller (VA to OR)  He was tired but enjoying his adventure. It was encourageing to see that it can be done.  It was fun to sit, chat and eat with a bunch of people we did not know. (France, Portland, Nevada and Mitchell)

Day 14 (7/15) Mitchell to Mt Vernon - Camped in Clyde Holliday St. Pk. $5\person; SHOWERS!  Had lunch in Dayville.  I dont' know why but I fell in love with this little town too. The ride btw these two places was like riding through a national park.  STUNNING is a word we use almost daily now. 

Day 15 (7/16) Mt. Vernon to Bates St. Park - Camping costed $5/person, no showers and the water tasted like @#$%.  Another pass conquered this day.  Storms moving in and a broken spoke accented this day.  We beat the storm to the camp ground and made it up the hill:)  Evergreens were so dense in this valley it was amazing.  I just breathe real deep and am thankful for all oxygen they give off.  I need it:)  Met a lovely family from Portland on their 21st day of touring across the state with their two kids.

Day 16 (7/17) Bates St Pk to Baker City - 2 passed today. Had lunch in Sumpter and got cold drinks.  Ate by the Dredger.    Bridge Street Inn ~$48/night.  Voted the Best Small Town in America and having a Miner's Jubilee which people say is great and attracts thousands of people.  And met a couple from Park City, UT.  I thought the guy looked familer:)

Day 17 (7/18) Errands in Baker City.  Great place to be.  The people are super friendly the town use to to be the financial center back during the time of the gold rush.  The town is a mix of old and new.  the restaurants have been delish and we have met some good people here.   There are over 100 historic buildings here!

Day 18 (7/19) Really rest and relax:)  I mean it this time.

Day 19 (7/20) Head to Richland
Day 20 (7/21) Ride to Brownlee Dam near Oxbow
Day 21 (7/22) Ride to Council
Day 22 (7/23) Ride to Pollack

Outta time here.  More pics later:)   Hasta Luego!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog and seeing the pictures from your adventure! Miss you! How fun--a vintage camper show. I love these campgrounds in the trees. I suspect that living in Oregon would agree with me...passing through it agrees with you, I see.

    Today's adventure quote: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” — Henry David Thoreau

    Here's to LIVING!!! Love, Deb

  2. Sounds like you're living the life! Mitchell is one of my favorite places, it's the home of Henry the Bear. He used to live across the street from the Oregon Hotel, I guess he's not there anymore. I tricked him into kissing me by letting him take a piece of apple out of my mouth! Thanks for sharing your fun! ww