Thursday, January 3, 2013

El Fin de Año

If you saw my facebook post you can just scroll down to the pics.  Fact, many people in Nicaragua LOVE fireworks.  They light them any old day of the year.  But on New Years Eve they burnt their stores.  It was beautiful and exhilerating standing on the roof eye level with the colors and noises.  You could tell it was seconds to midnight becuase the noise reached a new level.  There was a sense of frenzy in the air.  They wasted not one second past midnight to light up their Año Viejos.  That´s when I got really excited and then a little afraid:)
These are some of the Año Viejos that were around town...

Out with the old (Burn It All!!) and in with the new!

I am so glad we were here for the holidays.  I have never experienced another cultures traditions firsthand.  Ít was awesome!

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