Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feliz Navidad y El Año Viaje

So we are settling into a cute apartment in San Juan del Sur. It is behind the 'best' bakery in town. Luckily for me it's about $1 per cookie so today I only ate one:)

Christmas was enjoyable. I did not have one pang of good ol' USA holiday stress. The funny thing we discovered our first night down here is they like to get the Christmas marching band together around 2-3am a march ad play awful out of tune music. They were very happy it was Christmas time. By the end of a few nights of this I had images of hunting down the tuba player and hurting his tuba. By the last night of it, we slept through it:)

So like I was saying, we just moved into an apartment. The landlords (from NM) told us what New Year's Eve is like around here. I can't wait. To put the correct image in your head I'll quote Santiago. "it looks like Beirut".

The concept is cool and I wish we had stuff to burn. People make a scarecrow stuffed with papers from the old year and fireworks. Then they throw them in the street and light them on fire. Wild right?
We were in Esteli for the cowboy parade (sponsored by Toña)

Hanging out in Laguna de Apollo

Surpise delicious lunch before finding out actually the buses DID NOT run that day

The locals jumped from about 20 meters

This is Tom´s splash

lovebirds in Somoto Canyon

Cool church in Esteli

ahhh, Playa Maderas

Unfortunatley all the street water drains into this beautiful and convenient bay in San Juan del Sur.  No swimming here for us:(  But have been running here in the mornings:)

We finally got to use the mosquito net we´ve been carrying for 2 months.

the 2nd room

Hasta luego amigos!

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  1. Sounds like Dad would enjoy their "blowing up stuff" traditions. EL ANO VIAJE to you too!
    Hope they have a fire alarm in your apartment above a bakery:)
    We all miss you! xox Mom