Sunday, December 2, 2012

Colorful, fun and exotic

We have been very busy learning Spanish and traveling around Nicaragua.  The last post I did was on Facebook so here is what has happened since then...
Celebrating some bdays Nica style (just waiting for Sultan to move before Jill starts swinging)
Happy Bday Patrick! Baila!

Melba showing us how it's done

Guard dog

Cacao...weird looking but YUM

Our hostess


food for thought
Caminata by moon light anyone?  Thanks to Juilo and his son for leading the way and planning for a fire to be already buring when we arrived. Marshmallows on ChickyChickys:D

This is how we do laundry in Nicaragua.  I am attemping to give a little lesson in spanish:)

The hanging tree


Takes them one week to make an entire couch.

After William Walker was asked to leave, he decided to burn the whole city down first.

They played wild games back then:)


  1. Muy preciosa!
    All looks bueno:)
    I'm glad this part of your adventure is turning out so well. Your plans for the weekend look like fun too. Love ya' Mom

  2. Allie & Tom: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! We love and miss you very much but are happy to see your posts and photos. May the Almighty bless you both and continue to keep you safe in his care-love 'Aunt' Ellen & Uncle Skip-George XXOOXXOO