Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beautiful Nicaragua

La Mariposa is a beautiful place in the town of La Concepción in Nicaragua.  The whole place is solar powered which is very cool.  All the delicious meals they make for us are locally grown and organic.  We started our classes on Friday.  I had two great teachers.  I am almost done with my homework;)  I am learning a lot about Nicaragua and how to speak spanish.  Yesterday we took a trip to Leon.  It has the 2nd largest cathedral in Central America.  The plans were accidentally sent to Leon instead of Lima, Peru. We ate desayuno y almuerzo out yesterday. The food was great and very affordable. We also got to relax at a cafe for a bit where we talked and got to hear each others stories.  There were about 14 of us from all over the world.  Berman is a great guide, very helpful, funny and smart!

This morning we went horse back riding.  My horse was very tranquil.  It was awesome.  We saw the schools latest project which is where groups can come stay.  They made buildings out of materials that people had in the area. 

Next up, a tour of the school grounds from Paulette the owner.


  1. Buenos dias Ali and Tomas,
    Great pictures of Nicaraqua...looks beautiful!
    Glad your horse was cooperative.
    You would not believe what a great night we had with Madison...she is sounding out words and is good at it. Smart little pumpkin... you would have been so proud to see it.
    Have a wonderful day! Happy you're pleased with all there. xox Mom

  2. I am jealous; wishing I was younger and able to take the opportunity you have. I taught you to crochet, so you'll have to teach me Spanish. I am happy for you. Keep posting.
    No hay falla:) Sounds like, no eye fIya. (That means 'no worries' or 'no problema')