Sunday, October 21, 2012

After approximately 3800mi and three and half months of travel we have finished our bike ride. This country is vast, with awe inspiring landscapes and incredible people. Everywhere we went we were met with curiosity and enthusiasm. We were invited into peoples homes, offered rides,given encouragement, and even offered money. It seems everyone can relate to the need for seeking out new experience and respect those who actively try and fulfill that need. Hands down the most rewarding part of the trip for me was the interaction with people. We made new friends that we will keep in touch with, and heard many stories of adventure from those we will never see again. In particular one person left the biggest impression with me, my wife. What a tremendously strong and inspirational partner I have. I leaned on her everyday and would not have had the ability to finish with out her. Everyday her spirit, bright smile and eagerness pushed us through. There is much more to come, we will be traveling in Central America, and coming back in the spring to hike from Georgia to Maine on the AT. Stay tuned.

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