Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Plans

I have never blogged before but this is a really important time in my life.  My husband Tom and I are going on the adventure of our lifetimes.  We want to share with our family, friends and anyone interested in maybe doing some of the things we are going to do.

Our plan has 3 phases.  In less than 55 days we will be heading to Oregon to start the TransAmerica Trail.  Part 2 will take us to Central America where we plan on spending a month at the Mariposa Spanish School and 3 more months traveling around the country and surrounding countries. Part 3 is something I have wanted to do ever since I saw my first white trail blaze.  We are hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine!  I am soooo excited to cut free from the job, the apartment, paying bills every month, the car, entire days in front of the computer, and television.  I have experienced glimpses of the lightness of heart and freedom of spirit from our practice trips so far.  This is going to be good.


  1. Your family and friends will be following your adventure via this blog. Have you considered turning this into a fund raiser for wounded warriors? Donations for every mile you cover? Just a thought.

  2. why dont you guys get a double bike . that would be more interesting. do you and tom have matching bike outfits? if soo can you post pics. you guys should go to the pound and get the biggest junk yard dog to run along side of yourselves . save a dog . madi says she loves you alli and tom. peddle on yo

  3. Intense! Good luck on your journey, looking forward to seeing your posts on how you and Tom are doing! I will make sure Brian and Abbie see what you are up too!

  4. I'm so excited for you guys!!! What am opportunity!! I'm jealous and going to be reading your blog nonstop :) ....