Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KY to VA

Getting to KY from IL is a fun, little, FREE ferry ride.  Had lunch in the cafe in Cave in Rock had a good lunch and eavesdropping on the local chatter.  The place is owned and run by this older couple definately past retirement age.  I have never had a waiter who was 80:)  He said hired help doesn't show up and that they managed just fine be themselves. 
As soon as we hit dry land in KY we heard the distant bark of dogs.  We rode to Marion which is a cute and convenient town for tourers. By that I mean the Methodist Church puts you up for free and the food store is close and so are places to eat.  The Italian place on Main St. knows what's up.  YUM!  Staying at the church was our new friend Dan.  We proceeded to ride together for the next few days. 

We were chased by a LOT of dogs.  Between warding off dogs I got to take in the beautiful rolling hills and landscapes of KY.  By warding I mean screaming at the top of my lungs at, pedaling like hell away from, squirting water at and Dazering (Dan's handy weapon) them.  I have not used my pepper spray YET.  People in KY really like their lawns big and green.  We also saw a lot of tabacco in various stages.
It worked on about 90% of dogs that came after us.  Important Note: Does not work on deaf dogs or the 200 Roittweiler
In Utica we got to stay at a firehouse and met Scott from KY. Camping on the east half of the country has been mostly free.  Makes up for paying through the nose through OR, ID, MT, WY and CO.
We made it to the end of Section 10 of the TransAm and now heading to VA to take the VA Creeper Trail to the Blue Ridge Parkway to the end of our tour.  We have been on the road for 3 months and it has been so much fun.  I kind of don't want it to end BUT it is getting really cold at night so I kind of do want it to end too:)
That's all the time I can handle on the computer today.  Bye!