Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Katy Trail Rocked, Kansas Did Not

We have gone through so many towns since Ness City, KS.  Kansas.  Things seemed to have hit a bump in the road in that state.  We did not really enjoy riding past field after field of corn or soy beans and getting chased by dogs,day after day after day.  Get the picture?  It was sort of the low point of the trip.  Well we are well out of KS (armed with pepper spray for KY) and in MO now.

We got into MO and made our way directly to the Katy Trail.  255 miles of crushed, packed limestone solely for pedestrians and bicyclists.  That's right, NO CARS BABY!  It was a pleasure.  Very relaxing and FLAT!!  Tom and I actually got to ride next to each other and talk all day.  That was fun.  We road through many little towns in the middle of no where MO.  My fav was the one called Definance because of the name first and then the fact that they were having a rocking, loud party going on.

Lindsborg, KS

Marion, KS had these little rinos all over town

Boy were we happy to see this!

Thank you to Clinton, MO for the hot showers, place to sleep and free coffee

Getting on the trail!!!

It's snake season in MO right now but we saw a lot of turtles too

Entertainment along the trail

There are a ton of old bridges and tunnels on the Katy
Riding into St. Louis was really cool.  There is a lot of beautiful, old architecture around here.  To our surprise we got a room with a view of the arch!  Bonus.  We went to the 4 Seasons Spa to get massages which was wonderful. Been dreaming about getting a massage every night on this trip:) We took our bikes to the local bike shop and we both needed new chains so it was a good thing we took them in.  As the story goes, Tom's bike needed a new wheel again.  We were not expecting that one.  We got to ride the Metro to the shop's other location and pick up a wheel and bring it back to the city so they could get started fixing his bike.  So we are staying a day more than we originally planned.  Flexibility is one of the things this trip is teaching me.  Acceptance is another.  We are going to the City Museum tomorrow and i can't wait.  Everyone tells us it is awesome.  It will be exciting to see if there is a bus hanging off the roof or ferriswheel on the roof. I've heard both from different people.
This was facinating.  We could not hang out to see this snake get that frog all the way in its mouth.  Poor frog was still trying at moments to pry the damn snake off its head.

Deep in the middle of no-where MO

How you get to the bridge
The capital of MO, Jefferson City

Woo Hoo!


  1. Happy you have the energy to post again.
    Great photos and comments:) poor turtle:(
    Have fun in St Louie! xo Mom

  2. Hey, Kids! Well, at least you have a cute picture of Allison in Kansas! Great pictures. I LOVE the pictures!!! I think I need to repost the photo of "beer, bait and bullets." Just because... That is just too much. Every time you post I am amazed by you and this incredible adventure of yours. LOVE IT!! Love to you! Deb

  3. Starting to worry, but really just wanted another episode. Sounds like grand fun, great photos! thanks for sharing the ride!

  4. Glad you guys are doing so keeping the pc bauer team updated....we all miss Tom and want him back lol