Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flat and Hot

I am talking about KS people:)  Made it here today.  Camped with a Swede and a kid from OH last night, Johnny and Francisco respectively.  Nice guys and fun to here why they decided to ride to San Francisco.  No rain last night but we got to watch 2 thunder storms in the distance.

Landed in Tribune, KS today after almost melting on SH96.  Sat and guzzled cold drinks and talked with a bunch of locals at the convenience store for a while.  There were so friendly and full of questions.  I thankfully was told that there are no tarantulas around here (only brown recluse).  We are off to the city park to camp for free (2nd night in a row!!!) and hopefully shower.  My standards of what clean is has definitely lowered but that's OK:)  Tom hasn't complained yet:D


  1. forget the recluse and keep a look out for a tin man, a scarecrow and a cowardly lion. xox Mom

  2. and flying monkeys, watch out for the flying monkeys.

  3. Wow! Just pulled up a map it's amazing to see how far you guys have come! Great Job! Stay safe! Keep the updates coming.
    Ryan and Sally