Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catching Up in Rawlins, WY

When you are in the middle of nowhere which is where we have been for a while it is hard to keep this thing up to date.  Here I go...

8/18 DuBois, WY to Lander 74 miles
Met a bunch of people headed west
Hi and thanks to Jay and Tom in DuBois!

8/19 Lander to 3 Forks Gas Station in Muddy Gap 81.5miles (record to date)
I'll have to tell you the story in person:)

Tee Pee Alert!  This place has a rep of being a free and ice cream filled place for tourers to rest their heads.  We thought it was 12 miles East of Jeffery City but it  is located at the Lamont north city limit on 287. 

8/20 to the KOA in Rawlins, WY 45.67 miles
I am pretty over WY.  Tired of feeling like we are on another planet.  The landscape has been parched and desolate for a long time.  But the bright side of being here is that we met up with Jamie and Ale again.  They let us camp on their site.  We shared some good laughs and got a great breakfast recipe:)  Happy Trails to them.

8/21 Rest Day in Rawlins before heading to CO to see Beth and Brian!

Now for what you really came here to see:
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1668 miles behind us


  1. Hello Ali and Tom,

    Look forward to your updates and the photos are excellent.

    Brian and Beth are excited about your upcoming visit. Frisco is a great town. Log cabin restaurant has great breakfasts. The museum on main street is cool..check it out

    Safe travels.

    Love Uncle George

    Ps - I hope Tom is keeping up

    1. Thx Skip! We are hanging in Frsco. Mtg up with those guys later:)

  2. Woohoo! Nothing like the Colorado Rockies. Hope all the fires are out and you get good weather. Looks like the temps are finally easing up a bit. Sounds like you're relaxed into the rhythm, you're looking mighty tan! Great pics and stories, thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes we are in the groove o things and gettin tanner every day:). Saw some friends of bill last night and that was good. I love Summit county. Kind of wierd bc the last time I was here I was not the person I am today. Sooo grateful my eyes can see and I can feel all the beauty.