Sunday, June 10, 2012

Packing the bikes, the house, life as I know it.

It took me 2 days to pack my bike, Tom 1/2 a day.  But now our bikes are packed safely (I hope!) and ready to ship next week.  We found the packing instructions on the ACA site, these directions and the employees at Saturday Cycles to be invaluable.  Here are some shots of how I finally broke down my bike.  The handlebars were the trickiest  to arrange so the bike would fit. There is not air in the back tire for a little extra room.

3/4 of the condo is packed up and in storage.  Life is getting simpler.  (I may have accidentally packed the remote for the stereo! Opps:)  I put my notice in at work which was a big milestone on our list of things to do.  This idea of ours started around October 2011.  Waiting for the time to come to execute some of these tasks has been a lesson in patience.  Sort of like short term suffering for long term benefits:)  Deciding to do exactly what I want to do has been empowering.  Even though we are still in UT and not pedaling everyday yet, we are well into the journey.  I like it.  My world feels bigger already.  I don't want to 'drop out' of society as much as I want to live my life to it's fullest.  We only get one life.  I believe I am on the right path for that to happen.

I will try to not put a smiley face after every sentence, but know that I am smiling:)!  My mom will be following our journey on the ACA maps which I think is really cool.   I put minutes on the celly, bought a book of postcard stamps and made my last trip to Recycle Utah yesterday.  Park City in the summer is sooooooo beautiful I am almost sad to have to leave it in a few weeks.


  1. The Queen of Recycling is leaving Utah, whatever will they do?
    Can't believe it's almost time to pedal off - Please avoid northern CO because of the wildfires.

  2. My the good lord bless and keep you safe as you tread this new path together. Know that you are loved and we will all miss you very much-eagerly awaiting your return to this life to which the rest of us remain tied. Will continue to read posts with keen interest-love you!

  3. Thank you Ellen (& everyone)! Very nice:)

  4. Will you be using your phone to trace your route and distance traveled? There are some android and applications available for free