Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zion, Bryce and a Solar Eclipse?

It's getting closer!!!!  Rental truck reserved. Boxes being packed. Bikes at the shop. Good byes being said:(  Final practice ride/overnight this week.  (Tom told me this week that we were boxing our own bikes for shipping...there will be a post about that!)

We are headed to Zion National Park this week people!  I am so excited.  Utah has 4 National Parks, National Recreation Areas and some National Monuments too.   Zion is the favorite of a lot of people out here.  It's 90+ degrees already in the southern desert.  That will add to the challenge of riding 80 miles to Bryce Canyon.  To top it all off a solar eclipse is occurring May 20!  Living in Utah has it's perks:)

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